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GET SAFE® Podcast Production

Have you checked out the GET SAFE® Movement for Change podcast with Stuart Haskin? With this project, I remastered existing recordings, designed title cards, and set up all the backend programming so hosting of the show can be controlled in-house and distributed to all major platforms.

GET SAFE® Polishing A Diamond in the Rough

As the video states, everyone has a story. With this project, mine starts with receiving raw content to work with. They had already recorded a voice over performed by Stuart Haskin. From these pieces I composed the video seen in the link. Tasks I performed for this project: Remaster the audio track to clean up […]

Cool King® “Party!” Pack

It was at the beginning of the lockdown, and my friend who has a yogurt shop was concerned that he was not going to be able to supply his customers with their favorite dessert. In Huntington Beach, Cool King® is a neighborhood favorite. Many will drive a great distance for their unique flavors and quality […]

Fermentation Farm Label Designs

I was perusing through Fermentation Farm’s IG account ( and found a post showing some labels I designed for them. On their Instagram profile you can learn how to mix up your own fermented root beer float. As they say, “Healthy Gut = Healthy Life”. #fermfarm #fermentation #healthfood #organic #rootbeer #coconutmilk #coconut #labeldesign #graphicdesign #graphics […]

Cool King® Vanilla Ice Cream Motion Graphic

I declare, Vanilla is not mundane! A flavor this bold deserves all the love it can handle. Cool King’s soft serve ice cream personifies the flavor’s amazing flavor and this motion graphic celebrates that. #motiongraphics #graphicdesign #digitalpromotion #graphics #branding #design

Vici Wellness Product Photography

I had the opportunity to take product photos for Vici Wellness to use for their online store. They requested all product photos to have transparent backgrounds and they wanted the transparency of surfaces to function as in real life. This meant, if an item was glass, the underlying color the image was placed over needed […]

GET SAFE® Crosswalk Safety Video Title Card

GET SAFE® Crosswalk Safety with Safety Stu

This is a fun project from when I helped Stuart out from GET SAFE®. With this project I took on the following rolls: cameraman, video editor, sound engineer, animator, photo editor, copy writer, and graphic designer.

GET SAFE® Stronger, Safer Persons with Disabilities

With this project the goal was to incorporate older footage with some of the new content I shot. The intent was to show the company’s experience as well as the services they provide. This video is being used for social media marketing as well as the header piece on the web page associated with these […]

Dossier with Dignity

Would you consider it trite to toot your own horn? Can self-promotion be done in a tasteful and formative manner, without offensive trappings and being perceived as braggadocious. Here I showcase projects I had the pleasure of being part of, and I hope by causing focus, it brings further success to all who participated.

Are you puzzled?

I believe design is not unlike solving a puzzle. The pieces are there, we just have to have the vision and perseverance to forge on and find the right fit. A concept dangles in the æther — faint, small, and undefined. With time, concentration, and emotion, it can be built into something unexpected and original. Anyone that knows me will testify, I will not stop until a resolve is found. This journey of concept to creation is fulfilling, and the reason I keep opening the box and dumping the pieces on the floor.

~ Jay Langon

Huntington Beach, California

Jay Langon

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