“Vegan of Course” T-shirt Design and Motion Graphic

I met Sky while working on the “Visions by Ehsan” project. To help support his podcast, I drew up a couple designs for T-shirts for him to sell on his Etsy store.

I named this design “Effervescence” to call notice to the bubbles floating at the top if the word “vegan” as a shout out to my other friends at “Fermentation Farm”, and fermenting is a vegan friendly process.

With motion graphic, I was inspired by vintage title cards from the late 40s — i.e., Disney and Warner Bros. animated shorts.

For the sound design I used in the motion graphic, I cut up Moby’s “Porcelain” and A$AP Rock’s “Freedom” and added a dash of spice.

I thought it fit since both of these artists are vegan.

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