Cool King® “Totally Awesome Chocolate Overload” Ice Cream

This is the rebrand I did for Cool King’s “Chocolate Overload” Ice Cream.

I can remember how much fun it was to show up at the local arcade with a pocket full of quarters.

Upon entering the darkened den, you’d be bum rushed by a tidal wave of spazamatic digital boinks and binks, eruptions of excited cheer, and spurts of angst filled distaste.

You mind would rewire with intense inquiry:

Would there be a new game?

How long would I have to wait with my quarter placed on the screen ledge (claiming next dibs) to make my attempt at getting on the leaderboard.

Hmm… what initials would I use? Something funny, provocative, or just my own to show off my high level skills and earn bragging rights.

Oh.… fun times, yes, fun times.

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