Life Spring Chiropractic :: Business Card Design

Dr. Derek Mason asked me to update his business card for Life Spring Chiropractic.

We made a slight update to his logo and adjusted the color scheme used for the brand’s identity to match the interior design of his new office location in Costa Mesa, CA.

On a side note, I can personally attest to the benefits a visit to Derek can provide.

Years ago, I suffered an inconceivable injury while being the “Dad on Duty” and monitoring the teeter-totter at my daughter’s nursery school.

The extended, hunched posture while holding my youngest in safety resolved with my body deciding to stay in that position.

I was walking around like Quasimodo of Notre Dame.

For the life of me, I could not stand straight, and to top it off, the tension in my back spread to the right side of my neck.

Getting in the car was nearly impossible. I could not turn my head to look right or left. I had to rotate at the waste to see in any direction… and when I did, pain viciously attacked and distorted my face into a visceral showcase of absolute agony.

I had never been adjusted before, and let me tell you, in this state of distress, it was not my first inclination to test drive the miracles of Chiropractic, but I did… and I’m better for it.

Derek’s calm demeanor and reassuring tone helped with delivering the fortitude to give the process a crack (pun intended).

It’s safe to be said, I avoid teeter totter‘s with the upmost tenacity today, but if I have an issue I believe Derek can remedy, I do not hesitate to pay him a visit.

He specializes in Spinal Alignment, Posture, Decompression, Y-Strap Treatment,
and Laser Therapy.

Please visit his website to find out more.

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