GET SAFE® Workplace Empowerment & Safety Training Promotional Video

With this project, I ventured to the offices of the Moulton Niguel Water District to shoot editorial photography and capture video of Get Safe’s Workplace Empowerment & Safety Training classes.

Instructor Dave Monderine informing staff at the Moulton Niguel Water District how to sharpen their workplace safety skills.

I wrote the final draft of the copy for the script seen below (voiced in the video by actor Aaron Cash in the video).

GET SAFE Workplace Empowerment & Safety Training promotes safe practices for organizations of all sizes. Staff training focused on effective communication and basic safety skills will build better customer service and brand loyalty.

Safety education fosters stronger employee retention, as well as increase employee morale. This has proven to yield more confident, and competent, workforce enabled with effective communication skills as their foundation.

The following four courses are offered:
1. Community based De-escalation Tools
2. Effective workplace safety skills
3. Tactics to Guard against Implicit Bias
4. How to Recognize Strengths in Diversity

These four components can educate your organization and enable the mentality to accept and support persons from all walks of life. Select any, or all of the courses offered and build a program tailored to fit your specific needs. Let GET SAFE help build a change in mindset for your organization and empower better outcomes for your whole team.

I used this as the base to write the description for the YouTube post.

I edited this video and designed the title card as well.

GET SAFE® Workplace Empowerment & Safety Training

I purposefully composed the edit of the video to a time that would allow for publishing on other social media platforms.

I also set the this video as the header piece on the GET SAFE® Workplace Training page on the website.

GET SAFE® instructor Jeff Brown explaining how being prepared can save the day. It only takes a couple steps of forward thinking to make dealing with life‘s hiccups less difficult.

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